Marie Seton

Marie Seton
Born: 20 March 1910
Died: 17 February 1985

Padma Bhushan, 1984

Bibliography on Marie Seton

There is now a Wikipedia page on Marie Seton. Please add material and edit the page as Marie's rich web of connections would provide an interesting viewpoint of her times.

Contributors to this wiki would include the following (in alphabetical order of their last name):

Isabel Arredondo; Satish Bahadur; Uma Da Cunha; John Joshua; Gautam Kaul; Shree Mulay; Suhashini Mulay; Vijaya Mulay; PK Nair; Narahari Rao; and Anil Srivastava among others we hope to reach who either knew Marie and/or have an interest in her life and work.

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